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#MOMGOALS: 10 Tips For Balancing Work & Motherhood

photo credit: Erica Hampton 

I always say it takes a village…because it really does. I’m a better mother because of the intelligent and inspiring mothers around me. We help each other, we give each other advice, and we’re there to just listen when things get rough.

I decided it was a MUST to start highlighting some of these amazing women right here on the blog. I’m calling it #MOMGOALS because these women really are. Starting today, I’ll be interviewing some pretty influential mommas on different topics every month.

To kick it off, I reached out to Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard who founded the affordable and essential children’s clothing brand, Primary. These two power moms make it their priority to balance both work and family. And, they do it well!

Here are Christina and Galyn’s 10 tips on how they balance it all: 


Tip #1: Be Picky About Things That Really Matter 

Being in a startup means living in an 80/20 world. There just isn’t enough time or resources to try to do everything perfectly, or try to do it all.

Tip #2: Exercise At Home

It saves time and avoids the whole pack-up of our entire bathroom and closet that is required to go to the gym or a class.

Tip #3: Work From Wherever 

From home, on the commute, at night after the kids are in bed. Flexibility is everything.

Tip #4: Know When To Disconnect

Take those opportunities to give your kids undivided attention…even if an email comes through. It will allow you to recharge, as well!

Tip #5: Have Great Role Models

You can learn a ton by watching and learning from other people’s approaches–including things that work for them and things that don’t.

Tip #6: Work With People You Love

As an entrepreneur, having a business partner makes a huge difference. It should ideally be someone you’ve worked with before so you know that it works through the ups and downs.

We also surround ourselves with a team that cares about each other’s personal priorities. You can have a driven culture that is also very supportive.

Tip #7: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help: 

There’s nothing heroic about going at it alone, and not asking for help will just put you at a huge disadvantage. Try to be specific about what would be helpful, whether it’s asking for an introduction, or asking your neighbor to throw your grocery delivery in the garage.

Tip #8: Blur The Lines Between Work And Personal 

We have found that it helps to blur the line. A 4:30 weekly happy hour is a great time to decompress with the team, but still get home for dinner. We also love bringing the kids to work, and engaging them in what we do.

Tip #9: Shop Online

This saves some serious time! That’s why we are so passionate about Primary. It was the go-to we always wanted for ourselves–which is why we turned it into a reality. It’s the place you can count on for essential styles and beautiful colors at prices that make sense (all between $10 and $25)

Tip #10: Remember That Life Isn’t Perfect

And, neither are you! There will always be those days you feel guilty for staying late at the office. But, those things happen. It doesn’t mean you are a bad mother. It means that you are balancing it all the best you possibly can. That’s what counts!


Make sure to check out Christina and Galyn’s clothing brand, Primary (here!) It’s the perfect online shopping destination for all mommas (working or not). With all the essentials in every color, it makes shopping super easy.

Also, make sure to stay tuned for next month’s #MOMGOALS. I think you guys will love it!

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