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Mommy Must Have: The Snoo

In the mom world, Dr. Harvey Karp would definitely be considered a celebrity. Have you heard of “The Happiest Baby On The Block?” a.k.a the book that has saved new mommas everywhere? Yeah, that’s Dr. Harvey Karp.

When I found out he invented a bassinet that’s aimed to comfort and help babies sleep more soundly, I knew I had to try it out. I mean, is that not the biggest struggle we all have as new moms!?

He actually lives in my area so I had Dr. Karp stop by and help me test drive the Snoo on baby Grey (HE LOVED IT!). When he walked in, I was star struck. I’m not lying, you guys! He also agreed to take some time to answer a few questions that I could share with you guys on my site.

Scroll below for the Dr. Karp low down on the ultimate mommy must have: 

1. How did you come up with the idea of the Snoo? What inspired you? 

I came up with the idea of the fourth trimester in 2002 and it has been used by millions of families and we have trained thousands of educators to teach it. It has helped so many people but despite that, the number one problem that new parents still have is that they’re exhausted, and it’s not just a minor burden. It’s causing very serious problems like post-partum depression, marital stress, breastfeeding failure and even infant sleep death. And that’s what energized me to want to help parents with this problem that is so burdensome and that can steal some of the joy from this beautiful time of life. On average, 50% of new moms get less than 6 hours of broken sleep a night and that level of sleep deprivation changes the way their brain works so that it makes them almost the same as legally drunk (as many accidents are caused by exhausted drivers as drunk drivers)

2. What’s the difference between the Snoo and other bassinets? 

There’s been no change in other bassinets in virtually 1000 years. In essence, they’re just boxes that you put a baby in for the night, to keep them away from the family dog. On the other hand, SNOO is the most advanced baby sleep tool ever created. It is the only bed that guarantees (when properly used) that the baby will stay safely on the back for the first six months of life as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It is the only bed that imitates the mother’s womb to use the sleep cues that work best with babies to improve their sleep from the very first days of life. It is the only bed that can help sleep train babies so that they can learn to sleep more at night and more awake during the day. And, it has the most advanced motion and sound system that automatically responds to a baby’s fussing, just as an experienced caregiver might. It’s also the only swinging bed that allows babies to sleep safely in a swing (the AAP has now recommended that babies not sleep in any seated device, including swings.) The AAP has said that it is unsafe for infants to sleep in a seated position. And it’s a beautiful designer bed with organic cotton sheets on top of all of that.

3. Some moms will say it’s expensive but what makes it worth the price? 

Of course all new technology is more expensive when it first comes out, but many working families see the value in getting extra sleep so they can meet their other responsibilities and not miss work or get in a car accident.

For many families, just the peace of mind knowing that their baby will stay safely on their back makes it worth the price.

As mentioned before, this is six products in one, the safest baby swing ever made, the most sophisticated white noise machine and motion system ever made, a beautiful designer infant sleeper, an insurance policy that the baby will stay sleeping safely on the back all napsall night (when used correctly), three of the easiest, safest organic cotton sleep sacks and organic cotton sheet, and a virtual night nurse that is available 24/7 to help hold and rock the baby whenever you need to take a shower, be with your other children, take a nap or be able to get a little bit more sleep at night.
It is six things in one but I think most importantly it’s really getting your own personal night nurse for about the cost of a sandwich or a coffee a day for six months. The biggest difference is that this is more of a service than a product.

4. What are your most important tips you always give a new mom? 

I always tell them that these months go by very quickly and to put aside whatever things don’t need to be done, so they can concentrate on the miracle of having a new baby in their lives. Also, to ask for help from people. It’s the time of life that you need it and it’s the time of life that your true friends really want to help you. Also, be extra neurotic about hand washing and keeping away sick people, because babies immune systems are week for the first 3 months and they need extra protection. You can go out for walks but make sure that people coming into your home are not sick, haven’t been around sick people and put up a sign telling them to wash their hands when they come in.

5. You are known for The Happiest Baby On The Block and The 5 S’s. For all the moms who may not be familiar, can you explain what those 5 S’s are and why they are so important? 

The concept is based on a new way of understanding babies which is that in an odd sort of a way our babies are born three months before they are really ready for the world. Another new discovery is that all newborn babies have a calming reflex, which is a relative off switch for crying and on switch for sleep. And the way that reflex is turned on, is by imitating 5 sensations that babies enjoyed in the womb. Those are the 5 S’s:

  1. Swaddling
  2. Side/Stomach
  3. Shush
  4. Swing
  5. Suck

6. Any plans for future products? 

Yes, our company’s goal is to create many products to help parents with their most important job – raising healthy, happy children. For right now, I particularly encourage parents to take a peek at my book and DVD, The Happiest Toddler on the Block, to learn some very simple tips that can help young children be more patient cooperative and emotionally resilient, starting at 8 months.

Thank you, Dr. Karp! Grey thanks you, too. We love our new Snoo!

For more information on the Snoo or to purchase your own, visit the Happiest Baby/Snoo website here. There’s also an exciting giveaway so make sure to enter when you visit the site. It ends tomorrow! (2/14) 

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