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The New S.O.U.P Detox

You’ve probably been wondering what “detox” I’ve been sharing on my Instagram recently. Since I’m finished and LOVE the results—I must share. I’ve talked about soup detoxes before but the S.O.U.P detox I just tried is beyond anything else.

The difference is that it’s not just soup and it didn’t take me away from work or my fitness routine.

I first heard about the S.O.U.P Detox and it’s creator, Elissa Goodman, from my holistic pregnancy coach, Lori Bregman. I trust just about everything Lori sends my way so I was all in.


To give you an idea of what exactly S.O.U.P is (and why it’s so AH-mazing), Elissa is sharing all the details:

1) How/why did you get interested in detoxing?

Twenty-five years ago, I was given a huge wake up call. I was diagnosed with cancer. Then 10 years later, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and did not survive. These unfortunate events led me to my passion – I work with clients as a Holistic Nutritionist helping people with all kinds of health issues.

I started my career creating cleanse programs for Café Gratitude, Erewhon and M Café before moving on to create my own online 21 Day Cleanse Your Body Cleanse Your Life program. In 2015, I started my soup cleanse which has been really fun, because I get to create, cook and deliver to many incredible LA people. Also, I create juice blends for L.A. Juice and Erewhon Natural Food Market. I just finished creating a whole new healthy menu for Earth Bar that will launch this year in 22 locations. Lastly, I am currently finalizing my first book called, Cancer Hacks.


2) What are the benefits of your soup detox?

Soup is the ultimate comfort food and this program provides nutrient dense foods with plant based protein, fiber, healthy fats, and complex gluten free carbs while keeping sugar content low and nutrient levels high.

My soup cleanse is about nourishing your body and not depriving it. My cleansers feel satiated and more energized. They notice an improvement in their mood and sleep and they start to crave healthy eating and, of course, the weight loss is a huge benefit.

Eating this way can also promote healthy immune function. I include immune boosting herbs like astragulus and Gynostemma along with anti-inflammatory foods and alkaline water as the base for my detox tonics.


3) How is it different from a juice cleanse? 

The benefit of creating the S.O.U.P. cleanse is to provide a whole food detox program, because it is the only way I feel you can truly cleanse and regain healthy habits. My S.O.U.P. program is unique, because in addition to soups you are also receiving detox tonics, teas, super seed protein bar, fermented veggies, healthy lattes and salads are rotated throughout the week.

It’s important that you get to chew food too, because it helps get your digestive juices flowing in order for your body to break down and absorb the nutrients. Also, everyone tells me what a pleasure it is to actually eat on a cleanse!

This is mainly a plant-based program that is 95% vegetables (rather than fruit) making it low on the glycemic scale. I find most marketed juices to be too sweet or unpalatable for the general cleanser. My program provides dietary fiber, which is left out of your juice cleanses. I feel that in order to truly cleanse you need nutrients that promote detoxification and you need to be able to chew them!

4) What important ingredients should ALWAYS be included in the soups for proper detox?

Fiber, healthy fats, protein, phytonutrients, antioxidants and yes, we even need a little carb action and natural sugar. These nutrient components all play a role in the cleansing process and are commonly left out of liquid cleanses. The body needs fiber, fuel and to be nourished to do its job! I use lots of herbs, lemon, high quality coconut and olive oil, cruciferous vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds, and beans.


5) When is the perfect time to do a detox?

Listen to your body. You will know. If you’re feeling run down, un-energized, and borderline overwhelmed you’re body is telling you that it needs a break! Some clients like to do my program once a month to keep them motivated, others like to participate in a seasonal cleanse, and a select few find that committing once a year is all they need.

My program is a way you could eat year round or use as a foundation for healthy eating. It’s also a great way to recover from surgery or illness, a good kick-start to a new year or a new season.

6) With a soup detox, what else can I implement with it? Is it just soup? 

I love my S.O.U.P. program, because you are getting a variety of foods so you never feel deprived. In my answer above, you can see that I’m combining a lot of nutrient dense drinks and food to help educate the cleanser that it isn’t just about eating soup. It’s about eating the right foods.

Some cleansers supplement with additional vegetables, avocado, nuts, vegan protein shakes (athletes), and sometimes even a lean protein is needed. None of this throws them of course!

For more information about the S.O.U.P cleanse, healthy recipes, and to find out how to get started, visit Elissa at her website.

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