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Scarlett’s Reading List

Like I’ve said before, one of my favorite activities is reading to my little ones. Not only is it a great way to use their imagination or lull them to sleep, it’s also a way to get them interested in reading at an early age. I actually read to my babies when they were still in my belly! It’s never too young to start that language interaction.

Okay, so I’m not going to lie. As much as I love, love, love reading to Brooksie about his interests (trucks, superheroes, and his main obsession: Curious George) I’m a girly girl at heart. When I was younger, it was all about ballerinas and princesses. When I became a momma to a girl, I was excited to add a little pink back into my life.

And, yes. I know my little Scarlett is only 5 months but again, it’s never too early to start reading! Here’s a list of some of my favorite must-have books for all the little princesses in your life:


I Am Girl by Haley Starr

Hayley, who is an artist, designer, business owner, etc., is an inspiration for any little girl. Years ago, Hayley came out with a series of books directly inspired by the thoughts and visions she had as a child and the affirmations she believes children need to hear. With powerful sayings such as “I Am Fearless,” and “I Am Unique” which are accompanied by Hayley’s beautiful illustrations; this is a book that can be read over and over. “I Am Boy” and “I Am Earth” are both similar books in the series.


Princess Baby by Karen Katz

Now, as much as having a “princess” complex when you are an adult is horrifying, it’s pretty darn cute as a baby. This little board book is the epitome of adorable. It’s about a little girl who is upset no one is calling her by her real name. “I am not a buttercup, or a giggly goose. I am not a cupcake. I’m a princess!”


Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews

I love fashion. I love everything about it. I always knew I couldn’t wait to share that with my daughter! “Different Like Coco” tells the story of the iconic Coco Chanel and how she was determined to show the world how being different was an advantage. This book brings together history as well as inspiring little ones to dream big and embrace their uniqueness.


Flora And The Flamingo by Molly Idle 

Believe it or not, this book actually has no words! But that’s what makes it amazing. Flora and her flamingo learn to dance together in this funny and beautiful book. It’s perfect for kids who love to make up their own stories and use their imagination!


BabyLit Books

Oh, the classics! BabyLit books are a great way to introduce classic and timeless stories to your children in a way that they will understand. And, let’s be honest. It’s a great way for you to refresh your brain on some literature, too!


Ballerina! By Peter Sis 

I loved ballet when I was little and like most little girls, I had dreams of being a ballerina. This board book is about a little girl named Terry who dreams of being a ballerina, also! The story takes little girls through the stretches and positions of every prima ballerina. It also teaches colors! I highly recommend this book.

Guess How Much I Love You? by Sam McBratney 

I’ll read this book to Brooks and Scarlett every night until they are teenagers if they will let me. I mean, I highly doubt it but a girl can dream! This sweet timeless book is the perfect bedtime story and something that I know will passed down for generations.


Good Night (Los Angeles & Kentucky) by Adam Gable 

The “Goodnight Our World” series is an amazing personalized gift. At my house, we have Los Angeles and Kentucky (I mean, of course!) but the series includes most major cities. The books say goodnight to all the landmarks in the city as well as the kids who live there!

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