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How To Be The Perfect Hostess

I absolutely love entertaining and having guests in my home. From dinner parties to birthday get-togethers, I count down the days until my guests arrive like I’m a kid on Christmas morning! Since Scott and I’s family both live out of state, we always host our share of family members for an extended period of time. In my opinion, it makes it so much more fun when you are all under the same roof! I make it my duty to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible (even if space can sometimes be an issue!)

Whether it’s your parents, in-laws or even a reunion with old friends, there are little ways to make sure their stay is as seamless and cozy as possible. It’s really all about the little touches.


Shop Prior:

Do your guests have any food allergies you need to be aware of? Does your father-in-law love to have a certain type of coffee with a newspaper in the morning? Ask your guests before they come if they would like anything that would make them feel more at home. Shop ahead and have it there when they arrive!

Clean, Clean, Clean:

Nothing is worse than staying at someone’s house that has less than standard cleaning habits. Plus, I consider it rude. When expecting guests, keeping your space in tip-top shape is a sign of respect! For cleaning products, I’m obsessed with the brand, Murchinson Hume for their natural and non-toxic ingredients. If you are on a time crunch and don’t have time for a deep clean, hire a service. You’ll find numerous options for trusted and affordable cleaning services in most major cities!

Provide A Guest Info Sheet:

Include your address, home/cell numbers, WiFi username/password, and any information your guests may need to access. It’s also an option to email this information ahead of time.

Stock The Essentials:

I always like to keep extra toothbrushes, toothpastes, face wash, disposable razors, etc. for my guests just in case anyone forgets anything. It’s always a relief when they don’t have to worry about running out to grab something they didn’t pack.

Keep Them On The Schedule:

Let your guests know what time you normally get up and going and definitely warn them if they should be ready for your kids to be running around early. If you have work events or some other prior commitment, let them know ahead of time so they can expect to have their own time to explore. It’s always a good idea to offer ideas or even schedule some activities if they desire to go that route.

Bedside Bottle Service:

Keep bottled or filtered water in all your guest rooms. This may seem like common sense but it’s often forgotten. Also, adding a chilled bottle can feel like a godsend after a long day of traveling!

A Touch Of Floral:

Flowers are always the perfect finishing touch for any occasion…but especially for guests in your home. Not only is it a beautiful decoration piece but also a timeless gesture that shows you honor their presence. I always love roses by the bedside!

Freshen Up:

Nothing says “home away from home” like the feeling of fresh, soft sheets. Before guests arrive, spray the pillows and bed sheets with a nice linen spray. Anything with eucalyptus or vanilla has a calming effect and will make your guests feel perfectly pampered! 

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