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Unmotivated? Six Tips To Get You Going!

Just like anyone else, there are days I’d rather do anything but workout (especially as a mom of two!) So, I rely on a few strategies to keep me motivated and prevent me from falling into a fitness funk. Here are my tips & tricks, straight from my book, The Everyday Supermodel.

  • Prepare What You Wear: Kinda like you are in grade school! Lay out your workout clothes in advance. The shoes, the socks, the leg warmers, the iPod. It should all be there within reach so when you wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing you see and you can stumble into it without thinking.

  • Give Me Ten: Tell yourself: I’m just going to walk the block for ten minutes. Get going and inevitably…you will keep going. It’s getting started that is the hardest part. After a few minutes, your heart is a pumpin’ and the endorphins have kicked in, you’ll feel so bloody good, you’ll want more.

  • Plan In Advance: Sign up for classes online. If it’s already on the schedule and in the calendar, working out is much harder to skip out on.

  • Phone A Friend: Exercise buddies and activity partners hold you accountable. So when Fergie sends you a text saying, “I am soooo excited for Zumba tonight, gurrrrl!” you will not want to let her down.

  • Blackmail Your Bod: Give yourself realistic goals and a treat for meeting them. Such as: This week I will work out four days out of seven. And when you do that, treat yourself to something special.

  • Lazy-cises List: Have a go-to list of things you can do when you just don’t want to do anything or when time is limited.

SUPERMODEL SECRET: Prime television time on your couch in your living room can be prime-your-body time. While on the couch, do some leg lifts. Get on the floor and do the plank series while you are watching Modern Family. Pledge not to just veg. 28 minutes is my goal!

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