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Talking About Sugar and Spice + a Recipe for My Soda Stream


Sugar and spice are not always nice. I recently attended a SodaStream* engagement where they constructed a 12ft sugar glass in Union Square to show consumers the amount of sugar an American couple consumes in a year. That’s 312 pounds to be exact! Crazy to think about when you start throwing numbers out, like how each person consumes almost 156 pounds of added sugar a year. It’s statistics like this that really drove me to stand behind such a passionate campaign, getting people to #ReThinkYourDrink.


SodaStream really focuses on better-for-you sparkling beverages and educates people on healthier alternatives to traditional soda. As a mother, it is important that I am educating my family about healthier options in our home. As you all know, heath and wellness play a huge part in my life and I’m always careful about what I put in my body. Added sugars found in food and beverages can take a toll. Satisfy your cravings with great-tasting sparkling water and sodas with all natural ingredients.

Better yet, make it yourself! Take control over what gets added (or doesn’t) to your drink – plus you can customize it to your liking. You love limes, throw one in there. You like a little lemon with your water, squeeze it on in. You can even make some fun cocktails when having friends over. The possibilities are endless…no added sugar needed

I’m a girl who loves her pomegranates, so I decided to make a sparkling pomegranate beverage to enjoy.  You can easily add a little champagne or vodka to take your Sodastreaming to the Happy Hour channel.  I’ve even got a tip on how to get those pesky pomegranate seeds out without turning yourself red and taking 6 hours to remove four seeds.


Pomegranate Fizzy

  • Make yourself some sparkling water with your Sodastream and set aside.
  • Add ¼ cup pure pomegranate juice to your carafe.  DONE!!  Sodastream makes it that easy.


QUICK TIP:  To remove seeds from pomegranate simply score your pomegranate with a knife around the center (as if you are cutting it in half).  Then pull your pomegranate apart.  Take your hands and bend back your pomegranate loosening the seeds.  Then the easiest part, take a wooden spoon and spank those seeds out over a bowl.  SO easy!!

Pour your pomegranate fizzy drink into a glass and toss in a few pomegranate seeds.  Add a lime wheel as a garnish with a pop of color to complete your masterpiece.  CHEERS!!!

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