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What Does the Fox Say?

Becoming a mom is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s a role that changes day to day as Brooksie Boo grows. One of the best, best, best things about watching him grow up is seeing him learn. Children are like sponges – they pick up everything so quickly.

It’s no secret that my Brooks loves EV-everything and ANY-thing that has to do with farms, animals, and trucks. Remember the blog post he wrote for when we went to visit my friends’ farm? His love for animals must stem from the nursery we designed with my amazing interior designer Kishani Perera, and Tiffany and Wendy from Layla Grayce for him, full of plush toys, an elephant side table, and giant giraffe.

So, one game that we always play is animal sounds. Though I am teaching him, it’s almost more fun for me to watch him make animal sounds. I’ll ask him, “What does the cow say?” and my Brooksie will moo back quickly! I’ll rotate through every animal I can think of before looping back and starting the whole game all over again. My son just can’t get enough, and honestly neither can I. Talk about AH-dorable. What cute, cute, cute things do your children do? Tell me everything!?

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