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#SimsFitness: Yoga 101


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One thing I cannot, cannot, cannot live without? The variety in my workout routine. While it’s AB-solutely important to find what you love and what works for your body, it’s so, so, so important to switch up what sort of exercise you do on a regular basis. One day I’ll work with Tracy Anderson, the next I’ll do bikram yoga which I like to call melting of the fat away, another day I’ll spin. Since there are a million different types of workouts, I wanted to introduce #SimsFitness, where I explain my fav, fav, fav exercises, with a few of my own tips and tricks. (Not to mention share details on my workout attire OB-sessions! Keep reading for details on the line that is my must, must, must have: Ellie.)

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I love yoga because it’s really a time to center yourself, close out everything that’s going on in the world and just take a half hour, an hour, 45 minutes to spend with yourself. It’s especially important to lengthen your muscles, and a great way to incorporate active recovery into your workout routine.

Some people get very overwhelmed with the idea of yoga, quite possibly because there are so many different kinds AND walking into a studio for the first time can be super intimidating, especially when people are doing headstands all around you. If you’re nervous about diving right into it, I’d suggest checking out some of the classes that are offered online like YogaGlo or Daily Burn. All you need is a mat and the internet and all of the sudden you’re flowing into Warrior 1 in your living room! You’ll very quickly learn what type of yoga you like, whether it’s vinyasa, anusara or ashtanga.

Once you’ve become the yoga master of your own home, you’ll feel so, so, so much more comfortable heading into a studio. Most offer introductory sessions so you can test out the teacher and the space before committing to a location. From there, it’s all just a matter of ensuring you make it to your mat on a regular basis!

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One of the other AH-mazing things about yoga? The gorgeous clothes! Right now I’m loving pieces from Ellie. Their selection changes every month, which just means my workout wardrobe is getting bigger and bigger and bigger! While the designs are functional – created with fitness in mind, they’re also fashionable, meaning I can easily go from flowing on my mat (adorned with Chloe and Poupette) to grabbing a juice at Pressed Juicery.


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