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The Perfectly Inexpensive Dinner Party




Nothing is better than hosting a great dinner party. One where your friends enjoy themselves, the food tastes great and clean up is minimal. I’ve put together a list of my best tips for throwing the perfect easy to clean up dinner party.




Setting the Table:


The table is really what sets the mood for the entire evening. A cute table goes a long way. Recently I discovered Cake’s line of paper table goods. You can get disposable table cloths and place mats that actually look more like something from Saks and less like something from PartyCity. And best of all? You can toss it all when the last guest leaves.




I had a love/hate relationship with plates until I found the perfect disposable Bambu plates. I used to be drawn to the look of a fancy plate but hated the clean up involved after the party. Now that I use these I can have the best of both worlds.





My go to secret for flowers in LA is hitting up the flower market downtown. You can buy bushels and bundles of flowers for no money and you get to enjoy the creativity involved in arranging them just right. I always try to get a mixture of exotic flowers and normal everyday flowers. It’s something about mixing the two that really makes the arrangements sing. Or, for days when I am too lazy, er um, busy to go downtown my goto is the amazing Kimberly at Velvet Garden.




My secret go to for napkins is a lot simpler than you think! I like to go to the grocery store and buy the store brand clean white napkins. They are large, super absorbent and since they don’t have a distinct personality of their own they compliment any table decor. They can go from Halloween to Thanksgiving without anyone noticing.




Glasses are something that I don’t like to use disposables for. I like the feel and look of beautiful glasses. I have a set of wine glasses and tumblers from Casa de Perrin that I mix and match with everything. The eclectic look and feel of different glasses really help accentuate a pretty table. That and they’re dishwasher safe :).


The final step is to put it all together, add food, friends and enjoy!



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