Watch: A Tour Of Baby Grey’s Nursery!

I am sooooo excited, you guys! Baby Grey’s nursery is officially complete.  I worked with Tiffany Harris (who also designed Brooks and Scarlett’s rooms, as well as the playroom) and it turned out AMAZING! I can honestly say that it’s my favorite room in the entire house.

As you know, I’m obsessed with a theme. When we were deciding how to design Grey’s nursery, I knew I wanted it to be bright, happy, and a place that he could cherish for years to come. We ended up going with a french blue from Farrow & Ball and citron. I love the pop of color! I was a little worried it would come out a little too bright but in the end, it turned out perfect.

Today, on YouTube, I’m giving a special tour with the adorable little owner of the room himself…BABY GREY! Click on the link below to get all the details:

See what I mean? I think I could stay in this room forever. Here’s a shopping/sourcing guide if anything caught your eye + all the photos: 

Crib/Built In Shelving: Sandor Pratt of North Forty Design

Bedding: Pehr Designs 

Changing Table Cover: Pehr Designs 

Curtains: Designers Guild 

Baskets: Pehr Designs 

Homemade Mobile: Nicola Vruwink of Hello Poni

Photography/Framing: Gia Canali Photography

Rocking Horse: Clic Gallery 

Bear Nightlight: Clic Gallery

Wallpaper: Scion

photo credit: Amy Neunsinger 

photo credits for room: Erica Hampton Photography

For a closer look at the other rooms in my home, stay tuned for my NEW book coming out on Oct. 10th, 2017 with Harper Collins! It’s called Everyday Chic: My Secrets for Entertaining, Organizing, & Decorating At Home. This was definitely a passion project for me. I’ve always loved interior design and decorating but especially once I had kids. In my book, I’ll be showing you Brooks and Scarlett’s rooms plus all my tips on how I’ve made my house a home. So excited for you guys to read!

Click here to preorder!

Watch: A NEW Baby Grey Update!

BABY GREY IS 5 MONTHS OLD! Here’s an update:

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#MOMGOALS: 10 Tips For Balancing Work & Motherhood

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

I always say it takes a village…because it really does. I’m a better mother because of the intelligent and inspiring mothers around me. We help each other, we give each other advice, and we’re there to just listen when things get rough.

I decided it was a MUST to start highlighting some of these amazing women right here on the blog. I’m calling it #MOMGOALS because these women really are. Starting today, I’ll be interviewing some pretty influential mommas on different topics every month.

To kick it off, I reached out to Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard who founded the affordable and essential children’s clothing brand, Primary. These two power moms make it their priority to balance both work and family. And, they do it well!

Here are Christina and Galyn’s 10 tips on how they balance it all: 

Tip #1: Be Picky About Things That Really Matter 

Being in a startup means living in an 80/20 world. There just isn’t enough time or resources to try to do everything perfectly, or try to do it all.

Tip #2: Exercise At Home

It saves time and avoids the whole pack-up of our entire bathroom and closet that is required to go to the gym or a class.

Tip #3: Work From Wherever 

From home, on the commute, at night after the kids are in bed. Flexibility is everything.

Tip #4: Know When To Disconnect

Take those opportunities to give your kids undivided attention…even if an email comes through. It will allow you to recharge, as well!

Tip #5: Have Great Role Models

You can learn a ton by watching and learning from other people’s approaches–including things that work for them and things that don’t.

Tip #6: Work With People You Love

As an entrepreneur, having a business partner makes a huge difference. It should ideally be someone you’ve worked with before so you know that it works through the ups and downs.

We also surround ourselves with a team that cares about each other’s personal priorities. You can have a driven culture that is also very supportive.

Tip #7: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help: 

There’s nothing heroic about going at it alone, and not asking for help will just put you at a huge disadvantage. Try to be specific about what would be helpful, whether it’s asking for an introduction, or asking your neighbor to throw your grocery delivery in the garage.

Tip #8: Blur The Lines Between Work And Personal 

We have found that it helps to blur the line. A 4:30 weekly happy hour is a great time to decompress with the team, but still get home for dinner. We also love bringing the kids to work, and engaging them in what we do.

Tip #9: Shop Online

This saves some serious time! That’s why we are so passionate about Primary. It was the go-to we always wanted for ourselves–which is why we turned it into a reality. It’s the place you can count on for essential styles and beautiful colors at prices that make sense (all between $10 and $25)

Tip #10: Remember That Life Isn’t Perfect

And, neither are you! There will always be those days you feel guilty for staying late at the office. But, those things happen. It doesn’t mean you are a bad mother. It means that you are balancing it all the best you possibly can. That’s what counts!

Make sure to check out Christina and Galyn’s clothing brand, Primary (here!) It’s the perfect online shopping destination for all mommas (working or not). With all the essentials in every color, it makes shopping super easy.

Also, make sure to stay tuned for next month’s #MOMGOALS. I think you guys will love it!


7 Safe Exercises For Every Trimester In Your Pregnancy

prenatal fitness

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

I’ve been very open about the fact that I gained seventy-two pounds during my first pregnancy. One reason I gained so much was because of a pregnancy-induced thyroid issue. Another reason? I started retaining a lot of water early on. I was eating healthy but could have been eating better. Let’s be honest–just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean it gives you a creative license to eat whatever you want!

During my second pregnancy, I was definitely more proactive about my health. Even though it’s the last possible thing you’ll want to do, exercise really does help. When you keep your body strong, it can not only make the delivery smoother but also helps with quick recovery back to pre-baby body. It also can help with the anxiety and morning sickness that come with pregnancy, too.

We all hear about what we can’t and shouldn’t do during pregnancy but what about what we can and should do? When I found out I was expecting my third, I reached out to Jenn Seracuse who is a trainer at one of my favorite fitness classes in NYC, Flex Studios. Jen is the Director of Pilates at the studio but is also certified in Prenatal and Postnatal exercise.

I asked Jenn to put together some moves we can all do safely during our entire pregnancy. All you need is yoga mat! Here’s 7 exercises to try at home now: 

MOVE #1: Transverse Contractions (Hug The Baby)

prenatal fitness

  • Start standing or sitting in a comfortable position so that the spine is neutral and the ribs and shoulders can be directly over the hips with the hands on the belly framing the naval.
  • Inhale deeply into the belly so that it expands and pushes the hands apart, keeping the shoulders relaxed.
  • Exhale contract the deepest layer of the abdominals (The Transverse Abdominis) to bring the belly button to the spine and the hands back together (as if you are hugging your baby in tight.)
  • Hold one count
  • Repeat 25-50 times. You can break it up into 25 at the beginning of the workout and 25 at the end.
  • With every rep, think of contracting the abdominals not just front to back, but top to bottom, bottom to top, and side to side.          

MOVE #2: Knee Lift

  • Start in an all fours position with the wrists under the shoulders and the knees under the hips, legs squeezing together.
  • Exhale, engage the transverse bringing the belly up to the spine and float the knees 1-2 inches off the floor. HOLD 4 counts keeping the belly pulled in tight.
  • Inhale to lower the knees.
  • Repeat 8-10 times.

MOVE #3: Watchdog Balance 

prenatal fitness

  • Start in an all fours position with the wrists under the shoulders and the knees under the hips. On the reformer this means opening the carriage a few inches and holding it open throughout, giving the abdominals more of a challenge.
  • Exhale, engage the transverse bringing the belly up to the spine and lengthen one leg back straight off the floor and the opposite arm straight forward off the floor maintaining neutral alignment in the rest of the body.
  • Inhale to hold & balance
  • Exhale, open the arm and leg to the side in opposite directions, again maintaining neutral alignment without moving the spine, ribs, shoulders or pelvis. Only open as far as possible without shifting (6-12in).
  • Inhale return arm and leg to center.
  • Repeat on same side 8-10 times and then switch


MOVE #4: Squats

  • Start standing with feet parallel & hip distance apart (or slightly wider for larger bellies, but keep toes point forward).
  • Inhale as you bend the knees and hinge the hips back and down reaching the arms forward, squatting as deep as possible with the weight in the heels and abdominals engaged. Make sure to keep the knees    directly over the ankles and the pelvis neutral (not tucked under). This position is a stretch and a release for the pelvic floor and glutes, so make sure they are lengthened.
  • Exhale to stand back up to start position, contracting the pelvic floor muscles and making sure the glutes engage at the top to fully extend the hip.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds to 1 minute holding the last one down for 10 counts to really feel the release and opening of the pelvic outlet and fire up the quads.
  • Repeat sequence 3 times

MOVE #5: Lunge To Arabesque 

prenatal fitness

  • Start standing with feet parallel & hip distance apart.
  • Inhale Step one foot back into a lunge hinging the spine slightly forward and keeping the front knee over the ankle. Arms reach up with the biceps next to the ears.
  • Exhale to straighten the front leg bringing the back foot off the ground with the leg long behind the hip, keeping the spine hinged forward. Make sure standing leg is fully lengthened and glutes are engaged. Arms open out to side.
  • Place lifted foot back into lunge position reaching arms back up.
  • Repeat on same side 30-45 seconds then switch. Do 3 sets with a 10-15 sec rest between. Remember that balance and form are more important than speed. Use a chair for balance if needed.

MOVE #6: Side Lying Clamshell 

prenatal fitness

  • Start lying on one side with head resting on arm and knees bent up in front of hips in a 90 degree angle. Top hand is on the hip or on the floor in front of the torso.
  • The hips should be stacked one on top of the other and there should be length on both sides of the waist, keeping the spine and pelvis neutral.
  • Exhale as you open the top knee keeping the feet together and without allowing the top hip to drop back.
  • Inhale to lower the knee back to start
  • Repeat on same side for approximately 1 min, holding the last one for 10 counts, then switch sides.
  • For more challenge, lift the feet off the floor, but only if pelvic alignment can be maintained.

MOVE #7: Modified Pushups 

  • Start in a modified plank position with the wrists under the shoulders and knees on the floor and hips pressed forward making one line from armpit to knee. The glutes and hamstrings should be connected to one another. Head stays in line with the spine throughout.
  • Inhale to bend the elbows out to the side and lower the torso down in one piece, making sure that the abdominals are engaged to protect the lower back.
  • Exhale to straighten the arms pressing back up to the start position, again contracting the abdominals to keep the spine in one long line.
  • Repeat 30-45 seconds. Do 2 sets with a 10-15 sec rest between. Remember that form is more important than speed.

Want more info? Here’s some of the most common questions about prenatal exercise answered by Jenn: 

1) Is it safe for me to start exercising during pregnancy if I didn’t beforehand?
There are many opinions on this subject but here is mine. If you didn’t exercise AT ALL before pregnancy, it’s best not to jump into a rigorous regimen. However, you only stand to benefit from incorporating light prenatal appropriate workouts. Not only will you find labor and delivery go smoother, but it will be easier to reconnect to your muscles postpartum. You also will just feel better throughout your pregnancy and hopefully avoid some of the annoying aches and pains that can so often come along with it. Of course, every pregnancy is unique so it’s important to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise.
2) Is there such thing as “too much” exercise during pregnancy? What’s the happy medium?
Yes, I definitely think expecting moms can overdo it which is why it’s important to work with a trainer or take a class from an instructor who is prenatal certified. It’s important to remember that your body is not at the same as it was pre-pregnancy and to honor that. Your strength and stamina will not be the same. Pushing too hard will not help anyone. That said, light cardio and prenatal safe strength training work will only help you and the baby! One area I often see over training is women being so afraid of losing their abdominals that they continue to do the wrong kind of abdominal work that in fact will have the opposite effect. If the abdominals are over-worked in the wrong way (ie… flexion against gravity like a crunch or twisting against gravity like bicycles) they will split and cause an exaggerated Diastasis Recti, which is very hard to close once it happens. The abdominals should definitely be paid attention to during pregnancy, but in a stabilizing manner focusing on the deepest layer rather than the superficial muscles.
For more details on Jenn Seracuse and Flex Studios, visit their website here

7 Tips For A Peaceful Transition To Motherhood From Lori Bregman

When I first found out I was pregnant, I remember feeling clueless. Becoming a mom for me was something I’d always wanted to do—but it was like learning a new language. So I reached out for support. I looked to other moms for advice, I read, and I relied on my holistic pregnancy coach, Lori Bregman, to help guide me through this life-changing transition.

(photo credit: Gia Canali)

I’ve known Lori for years and let me say—she’s a godsend. Pregnancy and becoming a new mom can come with a lot of new feelings that can be pretty confusing. Am I doing this right? Is this normal? Trust me, we’ve all asked these questions. Lori helped put me at ease not just as a new momma for my child but also for myself as a whole.

Her book, The Mindful Mom To Be, is a must-have for women of all stages of life: wanting to get pregnant, pregnant, and post birth. Her main focus is on making this transition as peaceful as possible. Here are 7 tips, along with a message from Lori herself, that have helped me through and after both of my pregnancies:

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of pregnant woman from all walks of life. Within this experience, I’ve learned that no two mothers are the same or have had the same pregnancy, child, birth experience or family dynamic. Some have an easier time with the transition into motherhood than others. It doesn’t mean that they love their child any more or less–it just means that transitions, paces, journeys and the integration process are different for everyone.

Here are a few ways to make the transition into motherhood more peaceful:

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We all have different paces we move, levels of coping, and different gifts to share. Just because so-and-so lost her weight in a month, or your friend’s baby was sleeping through the night, or your sister had the easiest time with breastfeeding doesn’t mean that will be your experience. When you realize you’re comparing yourself and your baby to others, simply become aware that you’re doing it and pull your energy back to you. Stay focused on who you are and on getting to know your baby.

Surrender to the Process

Post-pregnancy is a time of integrating this new you and new baby into your life. You’re finding your way so it’s a process that shouldn’t be rushed. You need to allow it to unfold at its own natural pace. I have seen some women rushing to get back to what was or rushing quickly to the other side in their new life. When you can stay and drop yourself into this present moment to figure it all out, it allows you to connect and bond with your baby. It also helps you understand they way they tick so you’ll come out on new territory a lot more ready and prepared. For some, this process can last a month while for others it takes a year. You’ll get there at your own pace. And so will your baby. You can’t rush the process! The gifts and all the lessons are found in the journey.

It’s Just Temporary

Everything right now is in-between what was and what will be. Your body is in-between pregnancy, what is was and will be. Your hormones are all over the place and your baby is here as well as in-between worlds. Your relationship with you partner is shifting as you learn how to integrate this little miracle that you both created into your life. And to top it off, your sleep is sporadic. Good news: this is all just temporary and not how your life is going to be. It’s just how it is right now, which is all part of the transition.

Prepare Ahead of Time

My dear friend Heng Ou of Mother Bees has an amazing book out called, The First Forty Days: The Essential Art Of Nourishing The New Mother. In this book, Heng provides pages of nourishing recipes you can pre-make ahead of time for post birth, as well as how to set up a support system during this magical and vulnerable period. I also give a ton of meaningful life tools in my book, The Mindful Mom To Be, that will help you birth yourself as a mother.

There is No Such Thing as Perfect

There is no perfect person or way of doing anything. However, there is a right unique way for you. Use this time again to find what FEELS right for you, your family and your child. Read books, talk to people you respect, try different things, and create your own authentic style of doing parenthood that supports who you and your partner are, as well as who your child is.

Get Support

This is key! Surround yourself with positive people who nurture you and are supportive. Hire a post-Partum doula to come care for you so you can better care for your baby. It’s sad but in today’s modern world, many women find it weak or hard to ask for help. This is a time to definitely reach out to others for support! People love to help and by allowing them to, you’re actually giving them the gift of being of service.

Also, I highly recommend reaching out and getting extra support from a lactation expert. Often, your baby will latch beautifully at the hospital or after birth but as time goes on or when you go home, things might change. This can be a big cause of stress for new mamas. My go-to girl, Linda Hanna, is the founder of the breastfeeding support website, Mahmee. Even if you don’t live in LA, this is an invaluable resource for new mothers everywhere.

Rest and Recharge

I know, I know. How can I rest and recharge when I have a new baby? I love using the metaphor of when you’re on an airplane and they tell you to first put on the oxygen mask so you can better assist your children. Your new baby is 100% dependent on you. This is often a time where one forgets about themselves and everything becomes about the baby. But if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have anything left to give. Self-care is crucial! Nap when your baby naps, delegate chores by allowing others help you, get outdoors to feel the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air. It’s also important to limit your visitors and set boundaries. Put an outgoing message on your phone and emails, saying you just had a baby and it might take you some time to get back to them. Eat healthy. Nurturing foods like oatmeal, salmon, and steamed vegetables, as well as easy-to-digest stews and soups are great for post-birth.

Stay tuned for post-birth recipes from Lori Bregman right here on Also, make sure to grab a copy of her book, The Mindful Mom To Be.


How to Take Holiday Photos with Kids


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I’m OB-sessed with taking pictures of my little ones. Since getting them to pose is next to impossible sometimes, I normally just take little snapshots here and there. Sometimes the most authentic and messy photos can turn out the cutest.

With that said, I still like to take professional photos during the holidays. I cherish them like nothing else. I send them out with our holiday cards and also frame them to look at year round. Last year before the holidays, my photographer, Gia Canali, shared her tips on getting the perfect holiday photos with the hardest of the subjects…your children. If you’re a momma, you know what I’m talking about. It can be rough!

Since we are taking ours over the Thanksgiving weekend, I asked Gia to give a little brush up lesson on how to take the perfect holiday photo. I wanted to do it a little earlier because a lot of families will take them ahead of time. The photos I’m sharing today are obviously a little older but once I get my new ones done of both of my angels—they will be posted … immediately.

Here are some tips and tricks specifically for working with kids:

Get close—and then give some space—and then get close! It’s important to strike a balance between both approaches. Sometimes kids do their best stuff when they think they’re off camera or you’re not paying attention. And sometimes getting close gives you different perspective.

Use the element of surprise to make things fun!

I loved balloons last year. If you don’t have something specific planned or handy, just a change of scenery is enough to get kids back into making the photos.

Gia Canali Photography

Gia Canali Photography

Revisiting a simple prop or theme every year is a fun way to show how your family changes.

Molly found these antlers and took a few photos of Brooks with them when he was a baby—so we used them again when he was one and when he was two.

Gia Canali Photography

Gia Canali Photography

And we will use them again this year, too! It’s so fun to see how much he has grown up. We will probably use something that like on Scarlett, too!

Gia Canali Photography

Gia Canali Photography

Always include at least one Santa costume. Always.

I mean, come on. The picture says it all!

Let go of your own expectations!

I love to plan out a shoot, but leaving room for the thrill of the unexpected is one of the best things you can do when you’re trying to make great photographs of kids.

When working specifically with babies, be on their schedule.

Their sleep and awake schedules are so short and by the time they’ve eaten and been changed, you may only get a few good “awake” minutes.  So be ready for those minutes and use them wisely!  Of course, babies look adorable even asleep, so don’t worry if they just snooze through the shoot.

Also, I almost always photograph babies at home. It’s easier on the babies and easier on the families, too.

I cannot WAIT to have the holiday photos done this year especially since Scarlett will be involved, too. It’s her first Christmas and Brooksie’s first Christmas with a baby sister!


Mommy & Me Fitness

I fully believe that having “no time” to work out isn’t an excuse. There’s always a creative and easy way to burn those calories throughout the day—with or without a gym. Since I’ve become a momma, as you may know, I’ve become really creative when it comes to getting my workouts in. When you mix having some fun with getting your fitness on, it becomes less of a burden and something you actually look forward to.

I’ve got my hands full with an energetic three-year old and a teething six-month old; so they need as much attention as ever. If you have the same issue, implement them into your workout. I know it sounds crazy but not only will you get toned … they’ll have fun while you do it!

Here are some of my favorite moves to do with my little ones. We make it a game and I’ll be honest … I get a serious workout. Especially with my chunky monkey!


  • Lay flat on floor holding your baby under their arms or stomach. Let them sit on your belly
  • While keeping back flat on ground, lift baby up above your body in upward and downward motion.

  • Do 10-15 reps and hold for a few seconds in air between each one



  • Start on hands and knees, with your baby on their back below you. If your child is a bit older (and if you want to make it more challenging) let them sit on your back.
  • Slide your knees back about 12 inches, keeping your back flat and your abs contracted. Hold the pose.
  • Work up from 30 seconds to two minutes.


  • Lie face up on the floor and bring your knees toward your chest; place your baby on your shins.
  • Contract your abs to gently tilt your hips up off the floor as you lift your head and shoulders at the same time. Lower and repeat. Do 15 to 20 reps.


  • Keeping your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed and chin up, begin by holding child in front of body
  • Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips at a 90-degree angle.
  • Do 10-15 reps on each leg


  • Standing with your back straight and feet flat on floor at a shoulder width distance apart, hold your baby in front of you with straight arms.
  • Lift child above your head and back down in upward and downward motion. Do 15-20 reps and rest. 

Need more moves? Check out these sites for inspiration:

Fit Pregnancy | Mommy & Me // The Bump | 9 Ways To Work Out When You Have A Toddler // Fit 4 Moms // Babble | 5 Exercises You Can Do (At Home!) With Your Body // The Seasoned Mom | 10 Minute Post Partum Exercises

Scarlett’s Reading List

Like I’ve said before, one of my favorite activities is reading to my little ones. Not only is it a great way to use their imagination or lull them to sleep, it’s also a way to get them interested in reading at an early age. I actually read to my babies when they were still in my belly! It’s never too young to start that language interaction.

Okay, so I’m not going to lie. As much as I love, love, love reading to Brooksie about his interests (trucks, superheroes, and his main obsession: Curious George) I’m a girly girl at heart. When I was younger, it was all about ballerinas and princesses. When I became a momma to a girl, I was excited to add a little pink back into my life.

And, yes. I know my little Scarlett is only 5 months but again, it’s never too early to start reading! Here’s a list of some of my favorite must-have books for all the little princesses in your life:


I Am Girl by Haley Starr

Hayley, who is an artist, designer, business owner, etc., is an inspiration for any little girl. Years ago, Hayley came out with a series of books directly inspired by the thoughts and visions she had as a child and the affirmations she believes children need to hear. With powerful sayings such as “I Am Fearless,” and “I Am Unique” which are accompanied by Hayley’s beautiful illustrations; this is a book that can be read over and over. “I Am Boy” and “I Am Earth” are both similar books in the series.

Princess Baby by Karen Katz

Now, as much as having a “princess” complex when you are an adult is horrifying, it’s pretty darn cute as a baby. This little board book is the epitome of adorable. It’s about a little girl who is upset no one is calling her by her real name. “I am not a buttercup, or a giggly goose. I am not a cupcake. I’m a princess!”


Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews

I love fashion. I love everything about it. I always knew I couldn’t wait to share that with my daughter! “Different Like Coco” tells the story of the iconic Coco Chanel and how she was determined to show the world how being different was an advantage. This book brings together history as well as inspiring little ones to dream big and embrace their uniqueness.


Flora And The Flamingo by Molly Idle 

Believe it or not, this book actually has no words! But that’s what makes it amazing. Flora and her flamingo learn to dance together in this funny and beautiful book. It’s perfect for kids who love to make up their own stories and use their imagination!


BabyLit Books 

Oh, the classics! BabyLit books are a great way to introduce classic and timeless stories to your children in a way that they will understand. And, let’s be honest. It’s a great way for you to refresh your brain on some literature, too!

Ballerina! By Peter Sis 

I loved ballet when I was little and like most little girls, I had dreams of being a ballerina. This board book is about a little girl named Terry who dreams of being a ballerina, also! The story takes little girls through the stretches and positions of every prima ballerina. It also teaches colors! I highly recommend this book.


Guess How Much I Love You? by Sam McBratney 

I’ll read this book to Brooks and Scarlett every night until they are teenagers if they will let me. I mean, I highly doubt it but a girl can dream! This sweet timeless book is the perfect bedtime story and something that I know will passed down for generations.

Good Night (Los Angeles & Kentucky) by Adam Gable 

The “Goodnight Our World” series is an amazing personalized gift. At my house, we have Los Angeles and Kentucky (I mean, of course!) but the series includes most major cities. The books say goodnight to all the landmarks in the city as well as the kids who live there!


My Quick & Easy French Toast Recipe

What’s better than a quick and easy French toast recipe? Practically nothing! Today on my YouTube channel, I’m showing you how to make a MEAN French toast that Brooksie and I love to cook together in the morning.






Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

My Brooksie is a Superhero addict.  He’s often seeing “flying” around our house pretending to be Superman or jumping from here to there exactly like his buddy, Spiderman. So when I was on a Pinterest bender a few weeks ago looking for Easter egg inspiration and came across the idea of using temporary tattoos, I knew I had a winner.

Some people like to leave the egg plain (un-dyed) but you know me, Momma likes a pop of color.  It feels a little un-Easter like to not have the egg dyed.  But, don’t quote me on that… there’s always next year!  Who knows what will be in vogue in the land of eggs and bunny.

To kick this Superhero project into high gear you just need a few items:

  • Hardboiled Eggs
  • Easter Egg Dye
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Sponge & Washcloth
  • Bowl of water

Dye your Easter eggs like normal and let them dry completely.  Or leave them plain if you prefer!  Cut out your temporary tattoo.  Peel off the clear backing and wrap the tattoo face down around the egg.  Then use a damp sponge and press firmly down on the tattoo.  The process is exactly the same as when you are applying a temporary tattoo to a body but it can be a bit tricky working with the tattoo around the shape of the egg.  I like to use the washcloth for larger tattoos so I can completely cover the tattoo and press it evenly on the egg.  Hold the tattoo on the egg for at least 30 seconds.  Be patient.  I definitely had a few issues with the larger tattoos, as they are harder to wrangle, but just use the edge of your nail to smooth down any edges that didn’t attach properly.

I’ve got a #Supermomma tip for you…

If you are hosting an Easter Egg hunt with varied ages and are worried about the older kids scoring all the eggs, I’ve got an easy solution.  Assign each child a specific egg color to retrieve so the playing field is kept fair.

I found these confetti eggs at Target.  Only $2.49 for a dozen!  I know Brooks and his buddies are going to have a great time with these!!

Are you ready for the Easter bunny?  What are your family’s favorite Easter traditions?  Tell me EVERYTHING!!!