ACCESSORY OF THE WEEK: Theodora & Callum Fall Scarf





Most people tend to think of accessories as last-minute outfit additions. But to me, a really exquisite accessory is worth planning an entire outfit around! You’ll be seeing some very spotlight-worthy accoutrements on this season of “Project Accessory” of course, but I thought I’d share another personal favorite with you each week on my blog.

I spent practically all summer in Theodora & Callum’s Blue Multi Navajo Tie-All Scarf. It even came with me to the Bahamas for the Fourth of July and doubled as a beach blanket. But now that fall is in full swing, I’ve got my eye on this beauty:


It’s called the Navy Multi Baroque Border Wearable Art Scarf, and I think that describes it just perfectly! The design is so exquisitely detailed that I’d be tempted to frame it and hang it on my wall if I weren’t wearing it. Plus, each scarf is hand-painted and designed, making for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Can you say OB-Sessed?

Love, Molly