Watch: A Tour Of Baby Grey’s Nursery!

I am sooooo excited, you guys! Baby Grey’s nursery is officially complete.  I worked with Tiffany Harris (who also designed Brooks and Scarlett’s rooms, as well as the playroom) and it turned out AMAZING! I can honestly say that it’s my favorite room in the entire house.

As you know, I’m obsessed with a theme. When we were deciding how to design Grey’s nursery, I knew I wanted it to be bright, happy, and a place that he could cherish for years to come. We ended up going with a french blue from Farrow & Ball and citron. I love the pop of color! I was a little worried it would come out a little too bright but in the end, it turned out perfect.

Today, on YouTube, I’m giving a special tour with the adorable little owner of the room himself…BABY GREY! Click on the link below to get all the details:

See what I mean? I think I could stay in this room forever. Here’s a shopping/sourcing guide if anything caught your eye + all the photos: 

Crib/Built In Shelving: Sandor Pratt of North Forty Design

Bedding: Pehr Designs 

Changing Table Cover: Pehr Designs 

Curtains: Designers Guild 

Baskets: Pehr Designs 

Homemade Mobile: Nicola Vruwink of Hello Poni

Photography/Framing: Gia Canali Photography

Rocking Horse: Clic Gallery 

Bear Nightlight: Clic Gallery

Wallpaper: Scion

photo credit: Amy Neunsinger 

photo credits for room: Erica Hampton Photography

For a closer look at the other rooms in my home, stay tuned for my NEW book coming out on Oct. 10th, 2017 with Harper Collins! It’s called Everyday Chic: My Secrets for Entertaining, Organizing, & Decorating At Home. This was definitely a passion project for me. I’ve always loved interior design and decorating but especially once I had kids. In my book, I’ll be showing you Brooks and Scarlett’s rooms plus all my tips on how I’ve made my house a home. So excited for you guys to read!

Click here to preorder!

Take A Peek Inside My Home With Architectural Digest

photo credit: Architectural Digest 

I’m so excited to announce that my home tour with Architectural Digest is FINALLY OUT! I’ve literally been counting down the days. I love design. I always have. This house has definitely been a lot of work from start to finish but it’s been a labor of love.

When Scott and I first purchased our house in the Palisades, it was only about 80% done. The interiors had not been completed, and the floors had not been finished. It needed a lot of work.

I hired interior designer, Dan Scotti of Dan Scotti Design, who I’ve worked with in the past on two homes in both NYC and the Hamptons. I love him for so many reasons. Not only do we have similar taste but we are a team.

Do we sometimes disagree? Absolutely. During the design process of this home, an argument about paint colors definitely happened. The word “Stonington” will always be a trigger word for the both of us!

This colorful oil painting was actually placed first as a centerpiece to help us make furniture decisions. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house! We love entertaining in here.

The difference between my old design style and the new is that I have to think about what’s functional for my family. It has to be chic yet durable.

In the family room, Dan chose a custom Sacco rug in charcoal grey that is “sort of chunky but really soft because we knew young kids would be crawling around on it.” Dan also created a custom coffee table with soft corners in cerused oak by Lucca Antiques in Los Angeles.

But the most important was the couch. With 3 kids, stains are almost inevitable. When Dan and I were looking for fabric for the furniture, I actually spilled my entire green juice on the swatch JUST to see if it would come out. At that moment, I thought I gave him a heart attack. But guess what? It worked. It’s now the fabric of my couch.

I love that Dan talked me into mixing metals. He’s super into it. I’ll be honest–I wasn’t a fan at first but now I’m obsessed. The unlacquered brass paired with the stainless steel really pops against the deep blue paint of my kitchen. It worked beautifully!

In the playroom, red was used throughout, like on the banquette fabric from Summit.

Dan implemented a clean, modern aesthetic, with singular pops of color all through the house–including the master bedroom.

Dan made all outdoor furniture selections and placements based entirely on the lush canyon scenery and newly installed fire pit.

This M+S sign had to be included, as well. It was at our wedding!

Check out the full article here on Architectural Digest! There’s also a video (click here!) 

ALSO–make sure to stay tuned for more design from Dan Scotti Designs on Architectural Digest. He’s been working on a BEAUTIFUL property just around the corner from Egypt Lane Beach and the Maidstone Golf Club in East Hampton Village. And, for even more–visit Dan’s website here! You’ll get some SERIOUS inspiration! 

Watch: 5 Tips To Design Your Home For Less

design for less

It’s easy to think that redecorating your home or space will take a lot of money. But, it doesn’t have to!

One of my favorite interior designers, Tiffany Harris, is showing us how to get great looks for less today on my YouTube channel. Click the video below for her tips and tricks:

TIP #1: Accessorize Your Home

design for less

Try not to buy a lot of small accessories. Just a few statement pieces. It can really change a space with not a lot of money. Look at scale, texture, and it can be easy to find a knock off.

TIP #2: Use Texture

design for less

Adding texture changes a room and provides depth. The use of fur throws and textured table runners are a few examples. So, how do you know if you’ve gone overboard? It’s just like fashion. When you look in a room and all you see is that one texture–you need to tone it down. Mixing and matching helps with this!

TIP #3: It’s All About A Floral Touch

design for less

This might be the most important tip yet easiest tip. In my opinion, a touch of floral can really change a room and add a bit of color. If you’re not a professional florist, it can be a bit intimidating. Instead of sticking with a classic clear vase, buy stylish ceramic ones. You’ll have variety and with or without flowers, it’s a statement piece.

TIP #4: Know Where To Shop

design for less

Before I shop, I find my inspiration. Create a Pinterest page to help conceptualize your space and decide what you like. When you find what you like, it’s easier to shop high and low. Stores like Target, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Ikea have great knockoffs of designer pieces. You’d be surprised how many high-end homes have Ikea!

I also love a good find or a treasure that tells a story. Shop Etsy or your local flea market for those one-of-a-kind items.

TIP #5: Splurge On Key Pieces

design for less

In the long run , you save more money when you splurge on something you know you’ll love for years to come. Whether it’s a couch, a table, or even an art piece. It will last and you’ll love it. Those are the key pieces you can build around.

For more design inspiration, check out Tiffany’s website here!


Gia Canali’s Painted Pop Photos

photo credit: Gia Canali Photography

So, last month I posted a photo on my Instagram with some new art in the background. Instantly, I was receiving comments and questions about where I purchased the adorable pop-style photos of Brooks and Scarlett.

Well, I won’t keep the secret any longer. My photographer, Gia Canali, actually made this adorable piece. I know, right!? I’m obsessed. While it may look like it’s painted on, it’s actually the real photo–just blown up. Gia then uses gouache to carefully paint around the edges. It adds some texture and depth that you don’t get with just a standard screen print.

I finally convinced Gia she needs to do this as a side business. It’s that good! See below for a mini Q&A + how to get your own. They also make a PERFECT gift!

How long does the process take?

The first thing we need is a great photo, so making one can take a bit of time if you don’t have one already.  Then getting a great print can take a couple of days.  The painting varies depending on the size of the print, how detailed the edges are, and whether or not I need to mix a custom color.  Even a small work with a relatively simple edge lines will take several hours.  The big ones take a lot longer! I have to be really patient when I’m painting, but it’s fun work.  

What photos work best for the pop art?

Photos with really bright backgrounds work great for this process.  It could be a portrait on a white backdrop or a snapshot at the beach.  

What photos don’t work so well?

Steer clear of photos with a lot of clutter.

For more information + pricing, contact Gia at


Watch: How To Make A DIY Vanity Tray

diy vanity tray

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

I love a good DIY, especially if it involves a good ol’ can of Mod Podge. These vanity trays look great in your home and they’re so easy to make. All you need is a few items and a couple minutes of your time.

Watch the video below to see just how easily you can dress up your bathroom counter with this vanity tray DIY:


diy vanity tray

  • Mod Podge tacky glue
  • Tacky spray
  • Plain white trays
  • Spray paint in color of your choice
  • Decorative paper, glitter, embellishments etc. for decoration


diy vanity tray

STEP 1: Prep your tray depending on what design you want. If you go the paper route, cut and measure to fit the tray. For a solid color, spray paint and let dry. I did a little bit of both. 

diy vanity tray


Step 2: Spray tacky glue on bottom of paper and carefully place in tray.  

diy vanity tray

Step 3: Apply a coat of Mod Podge with a paint brush and let dry. Keep applying until you have your desired look. This will make the paper waterproof and more durable. Let dry for 12-24 hours depending on how much was applied. 

For a clean look, go back over the edges with the same color paint. And that’s all it takes! A simple DIY project to dress up your vanity. 

diy vanity tray

Looking for more DIY ideas? Click on the links below! 

DIY Hanging Leather Planter | A Pair & A Spare  // Block Print Pillow | Free People // Tassel Wall Hanging | Brit + Co 

, ,

Watch: DIY Winter Wonderland Tablescape

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

I’m back today on my YouTube channel with my friend and DIY expert, Nicola Vruwink of Poni. Last week, she showed us how to make adorable snow globes. This week, it’s all about the tablescape. And, we all know I love a good tablescape!

winter tablescape

Watch the video below to make your own winter wonderland this holiday season:


winter tablescape

  • Wooden dowls
  • Card stock in various colors
  • Mini terracotta pots
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Double stick tape
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (or dull butter knife)
  • Wooden stands
  • White spray paint
  • Paper straws (optional)

Multi-Tier Trees:

Molly Sims - Mixed Makeup - photographs by Erica Hampton

1. Start by spray painting the dowels and pots white. If doing a brown/green theme, leave them as they are. Set aside to dry.

2. For the folded trees, cut circles that measure 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6. Fold each circle in half three times.

3. Carefully snip the tip to create a hole in the center. When dowels have dried, thread the circles in order from biggest to smallest onto the dowel. Secure in place with hot glue.

4. Coat the tiny terra cotta pots with spray adhesive and coat with white glitter. Securely glue to the bottom of the dowel.

5. Finish by decorating with sequins, pom-poms, or whatever you desire.

Cone Trees:

winter tablescape

1. Using the cardstock paper, cut out the cone template (see below). Secure with double-stick tape.

2. Hot glue a paper straw or dowel to the tip of a terra cotta pot. Decorate as desired.


Watch: DIY Holiday Snow Globes

diy holiday snow globes

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

I love to decorate for the holidays. But even better, I love to create personal decorations to use around my home–they’re fun, easy to make, and feel a little more special than store-bought items.

I’m excited to have my friend and DIY expert, Nicola Vruwink with me today on my YouTube channel. She’s the founder of Poni–which is responsible for all the creative DIYs and decorations for all my parties! (Remember the life-size Legos from Brooks’ 4th Birthday? Yep, that was her!)

Click the video below to get step-by-step instructions for these adorable and festive snow globes:

diy holiday snow globes


diy holiday snow globes

  • Mason jars
  • Cute figurines, Christmas trees, or even Legos
  • Hot glue or super glue
  • White oven baked clay
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin


STEP 1: Create snow mounds on the lids for the jars with white oven bake clay and glitter and then bake to harden

diy holiday snow globes

STEP 2: Decorate the lid with your trees and cute figurines to create holiday scenes

STEP 3: Once the lids are cool, attach your miniature holiday scenes to the snow mounds with either hot glue or super glue

STEP 4: Fill the jar with water and as much glitter as you like for snow

STEP 5: Add a bit of glycerin, which helps the snow fall slowly

diy holiday snow globe

STEP 6: Securely screw the lids with your holiday scenes onto the jars

…and voila! Your own holiday snow globes. And, of course we had to make one with our favorite guy, Batman!

diy holiday snow globes

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2 Festive DIYs For Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

thanksgiving tablescape

I love to decorate my home for the holidays, especially if it’s something I’ve made myself. It’s so much more special and a DIY is a great way to get your kids involved for some quality time. After all, that’s what the holidays are about!

Here are 2 easy DIYs to prepare for your Thanksgiving feast:

Pear Table Turkeys

thanksgiving tablescape


thanksgiving tablescape

  • Pears
  • Felt in fall colors + black/white
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Thumbtacks
  • Glue stick
  • Pattern (see below)


thanksgiving tablescape

Choose colors for your turkey’s tail and using the pattern, cut one of each side.

Glue together in descending order with your glue stick.

Cut out two white ovals for the eyes, two small black circles for the pupils, yellow for the beak, and red for the “wattle.”

Carefully attach to your pear with a glue stick to make his face. Attach the tail to the back with the thumbtack. You can add a little glue to help it stay put.

Form the pipe cleaners into feet by overlapping and giving a little twist. Attach the feet to the bottom of the pear with thumbtacks

Place around the table with other decorations or as a place setting.

Golden Leaf Name Tags

thanksgiving tablescape


thanksgiving tablescape

  • Natural colored paper
  • Watercolor pencils in red, yellow, and brown
  • Small paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Super fine gold glitter
  • Gold marker
  • Pattern (see below)


Using the provided pattern, cut out as many leaves as you have guests.

Color the edge of each leaf with a combination of red, yellow, and brown watercolor pencils. Using a small brush and water, blend the colors to emulate the coloring of fall leaves.

Once dry, use a small brush to apply glue to the edges of each leaf, one by one and sprinkle with glitter. Set aside to dry.

Add the names of your guests using a gold pen.

thanksgiving tablescape

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Cute DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Little Ones

diy halloween costumes

I love a good DIY–especially around the holidays. This Halloween, we definitely have options. Here’s what we created:


diy halloween costumes

(via Primary)

For the cotton candy body: Start with the base of light pink leggings and top. For body, spread Polyester Fiber-Fill on a protected surface (great project for inside the garage!) and spray with silk flower spray paint in pink or blue. Allow to dry completely. Next, stuff a tight-fitting t-shirt with an old pillow to give you a good, upright form to work with. (This t-shirt will go over the PJs so that they are reusable!) Next, use an adhesive spray to attach the Fiber-Fill to the t-shirt. For best results, build up three layers of Fiber-Fill on top of the t-shirt, using an adhesive spray in between each layer. Remember to reserve some extra Fiber-Fill for the hat. Once you have the desired amount of puff, use the spray paint again to give a final boost of color.
For the hat: Use a light-colored beanie hat as the base. Drape a long piece of silk ribbon over the beanie (with ends long enough to tie into a bow under the chin) and attach with adhesive spray. Roll thin cardstock into a tall cone and glue the end. Use hot glue, adhesive spray or double-sided fabric tape to attach the cone to the beanie at an angle. Finally, use adhesive spray to add puffs of the reserved painted Fiber-Fill around the base of the cone onto the beanie until you have a full, fluffy puff. Follow up with an extra spray of paint for any needed color boost.


diy halloween costumes

The body:  yellow leggings and top (for the sun) and blue leggings and top (for cloud)

For the headpieces: you’ll need a blue headband and a yellow headband. With a foam board, cut out a lighting shape and zig-zag triangles. Paint each shape with yellow paint and cover with a thick layer of yellow glitter. Spray with adhesive if you’re worried about glitter falling off. Once dry, hot glue to the individual headbands.


diy halloween costumes

(via Primary)

For the headpiece: roll a square of green felt and glue in place to create the stem. Next, cut four large tear-drop shapes from the green felt, then use a drop of hot glue and pinch the bottoms together creating a leaf shape. Glue the leaves to the stem and then sew, glue or safety pin to the top of the baby hat.
For the leaf bib: cut a bib shape from green felt then trim along the edge to create a series of leafy shapes. Create a series of gathers at the neck by using a drop of hot glue and pinching edges together.
For the seeds: cut small tear-drop shapes from pink felt and attach to the baby suit with double-sided fabric tape.

 Do you DIY for Halloween? I’d love to see pictures! Tag me on social at @mollybsims with images of your little trick-or-treaters! 


Watch: DIY Monster Trick-Or-Treat Bags

diy halloween bags

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

In our house, we take our trick-or-treating very seriously. Here’s a fun DIY we did to prepare for the festivities:

diy halloween bags

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography


  • Paper gift bags of various colors
  • Cardstock weight colored papers
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick

diy halloween bags

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

Click the PDFs below to download and print the patterns: 

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