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Bikini Ready Recipes: Tuscan Kale & White Bean Soup

IT’S BIKINI AFTER BABY WEEK #10! I’m happy to say that I’ve lost almost all of my baby weight following Kelly’s plan. I’m one happy girl! Here’s another delicious Fab 4 recipe that will keep you full and satisfied while shedding off those last few pre-summer pounds:  Tuscan Kale & White Bean Soup Ingredients: 4 […]

Watch: How To Master The Modern Pony

Whether it’s sleek and straight or full of volume…everyone knows I love a good pony. Over the years, I’ve learned some tips on how to make a ponytail good for any occasion. Click the video below to get all the steps for this chic and modern pony:  The Products:  1. Dove Style + Care Flexible […]

The Beauty Products You Can Actually Wear To The Gym

I’ve been in #BikiniAfterBaby mode so I’ve been working out a lot. As much as I would love to always hit the gym bare faced, there are times when I need a little something. But, what do you get when you mix certain beauty products and sweat? A complete and utter skincare disaster! To avoid […]

Bikini Ready Tips: Protein Bars Decoded

When I first started working with Kelly, she took one look at my protein bars and threw them in the trash. No, she’s not a monster! All of my options were actually really, really high in sugar. I was eating protein bars to give me a boost of energy when I needed it but the […]

Bikini Ready Recipes: Green Apple Smoothie

Smoothies have always been my go-to. The only issue? Many of them are loaded with sugar and hidden calories. Some store bought options are fine but I’ve always found it better to make them at home so I know what’s exactly in them. My nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque is all about a smoothie. A Be Well […]

Watch: Real Talk About Body After Baby With Jen Chae

Your life isn’t the only thing that changes after pregnancy. Your body definitely goes through some major changes, too. I’m so excited to be finally filming with the adorable #supermomma, Jen Chae from From Head To Toe. We’re getting as real as we can possibly get about the changes we went through and how we’re getting […]

#MOMGOALS: Dinnertime Tips For Kids With Catherine McCord

I consider myself lucky. My kids LOVE to eat! Especially my little “chunky monkey” Scarlett. That girl can double fist a chicken tender like no one’s business! Dinnertime can still be a hassle though. Can anyone else relate!? Just to give you an example, here are just a few of the most recent “dinner table-isms” that […]

Watch: 3 Tips To Treat + Conceal Dark Circles

Ugh, dark circles are the WORST! As a momma of three, they are pretty inevitable for me. The key is to treat AND conceal…not one or the other! Click on my YouTube tutorial below to watch how I fake a night’s sleep when I really, really need it:  The Products: 1. Jade Roller  2. Klorane […]

A Gift Guide For Every Type Of Momma

Being a MOMMA is hard work! We all need a little me time every now and again. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a momma who needs it, scroll below for my top picks! Happy Mother’s Day! For The Momma Who’s Obsessed With Beauty: 1. Dr. Barbara Sturm & Monika Blunder Anti-Aging Primer  2. […]